You are Putting on a Show Every Day (Podcast)

Creating Disney MagicWhen the doors open at your business, it is as if the curtain opens for a show.

To put on a great show, it takes everyone in your organization to play their role. When everyone realizes they play a role in a show, the team can work together to create a great experience for the customer.

Lee explains how to adopt the concept of putting on a show in your organization.

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  1. Hi Lee! First, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your latest book! Mine arrived at my home on the 30th of January and I finished it on the 1st of February! I guess you could say that I certainly did not procrastinate on diving right in to time management – so much so that I bought a planner yesterday and started using it last night to plan my day out for the 4th of February (today). I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the process went when I accomplished most of what I wanted to do. In fact, the only item I was unable to check off was to sit down with my store manager about a few issues that had arisen – and the reason being was that he was in meetings most of the day. I did think to leave a note for him requesting a few minutes of his time tomorrow, so maybe it will work out.
    I also wanted to comment on your remarks in your latest blog – about how even the behind-the-scenes Cast Members (or employees) are important, Sometimes I feel that they might be the most important, since they keep the place up and running so that everyone else can do their jobs onstage. I can’t tell you how many times I have been to Walt Disney World and spoken with some of the Custodial Cast – telling them that they are probably the most knowledgeable onstage folk in the Parks! After all, they go from park to park and learn as they go.
    Keeping this in mind, I usually talk with these same unsung heroes where I work and many times have told them how much I appreciate them. I guess you can imagine the smiles I get just because of a few kind and heart-felt words!
    Lisa Yetman

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