Respect All Employees Not Just the Ones in Nice Suits

respect all employeesThere are times when people of higher positions in an organization feel like they are above other positions.

Let me be blunt. Some people feel they are hot stuff and don’t appreciate the employees who are really making the business operate.

During my career, I was treated as if I wasn’t as good as others because I didn’t have a college degree. But I know I am not unique. Women have dealt with treatment like this for a long time. So have older employees. And young employees.

It becomes a cultural thing. And once it is part of the culture, the only way it can change is through top leadership.

A nice suit doesn’t make you special. An MBA doesn’t make you special. Every employee should be respected. The message, behavior, and culture of appreciation and respect have to come from the top.

Making the change won’t happen right away. It took time to get the culture you have and it is going to take time to turn it around.

If you don’t get culture right, you are going to miss more opportunities than you realize.

If you are a leader, make sure everyone who reports to you is appreciated and respected. If you have the courage to step up. you can try to push it further up. Pushing for change isn’t easy. But you can make a difference.

Don’t underestimate what you can do to help people.