Serve with No Strings Attached

Today, Jody brought up a practice we had at Disney known as the No Strings Attached voucher. Simply put, a cast member was empowered to provide a guest with this certificate to help rectify a negative experience. If your kid dropped their ice cream or your shirt tore on a ride, the No Strings Attached voucher could fix it…with no strings attached.

In business, you need to ensure your employees can correct issues without running them up the chain of command. It makes a huge impression when your team is empowered to make things right without jumping through hoops or getting caught up in the hierarchy. It shouldn’t be a big surprise when people go the extra mile to make things right, but often it is. Because it is rare, it makes an impression and creates loyalty.

Teach your team to look for opportunities to correct issues for others. This is a philosophy you can take into your personal life as well. Take ten minutes and make someone’s day better. When you approach a situation, be nice intentionally and figure out how you can take care of the problem.

Imagine how our encounters with others can be elevated if we serve each other with no strings attached.

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