Service is a Superpower

Today, Louie Gravance, author of Service is a Superpower, is joining me on my final podcast recording in Colorado.

As many people are currently encountering, dependability in service industries is struggling. From airlines to restaurants to Harry Potter World, the service industry is running on a bare-bones crew who has grown rusty in their craft.

Louie unpacks the importance of everyone wanting and needing to be heard. Those in service may not be able to guarantee a flight, but they can go out of their way to make sure those enduring inconveniences are heard and taken care of. Louie said it best – to deliver a wow moment, aim for the heart, not the head. When you give, you gain strength. When you give, you will have more.

Attitude surpasses technical skills, and when you can exceed a customer’s expectations, it rivals a standing ovation any day. You have to ask yourself, are you going to make it better or worse for other people? This is a time when going above and beyond can be the difference-maker in someone’s experience. Taking the time to serve people can be the differentiator of someone calling a company to complain or to make sure you get the praise you deserve.

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Service is a Superpower: Lessons Learned in a Magic Kingdom by Louie Gravance