Should You Talk Politics at Work?

Creating Disney Magic podcast Lee Cockerell Jody MaberryPolitics is a tricky subject to talk about in the workplace. No matter which political side you agree with, you are likely to offend or incite someone who feels differently than you.

Political talk at work is just like other aspects of your company culture. It is what you let it become.

Many organizations have rules in place about talking about politics at work. But it does still happen.

When coworkers try to involve you in a political discussion, simply say”I don’t feel comfortable talking about politics.” If it becomes a problem, you need to talk to your supervisor.

If you are a supervisor, you should never talk about politics in the workplace. Certainly, never allow talk about politics to take place in front of customers.

In short, if you talk politics at work, stop. There is nothing to gain and plenty to lose.

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