Soft Skills for Technical Teams

Creating Disney Magic Episode 456 Soft Skills for Technical Teams

“Anybody that feels loved, appreciated, does better work. They have a better life. They are happier.”

Recently I received a listener question about how to encourage technical teams, such as engineers, to develop soft skills. Soft skills, like empathy and discipline, are crucial to deal with the challenges presented in any industry. Something to always remember is that success cannot be accomplished without people. One way to support your technical teams is by investing in ongoing training and education, including about soft skills. They are also essential to building a positive workplace. Creating a positive culture and environment that values people leads to better work outcomes and greater employee satisfaction.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the role of soft skills in boosting the success of technical teams
  • the impact of respectful treatment in professional environments
  • incorporating soft skills training for technical professionals
  • the benefits of fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition
  • the significance of empathy and discipline in personal and professional relationships

Leaders should always be focused on ways to create a culture of appreciation, recognition, and encouragement. Get everyone on the same page with the importance of soft skills and how it relates to their work. These conversations should always happen when you are hiring, training, and coaching employees. Make sure to share this episode with technical team leaders. It’s a great way for them to learn how soft skills training can enhance team performance and create a healthy work environment where employees can thrive.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:55 – Importance of Soft Skills

00:06:06 – Technical People and Soft Skills

00:09:31 – Importance of People

00:12:33 – Encouraging Soft Skills

00:14:08 – Managing Projects and People

00:15:25 – Soft Skills in Technical Teams

00:15:45 – Mastering Leadership

00:16:13 – Cockerell Academy