Speak Up for What You Believe In

We come to you live again from the North Idaho Leadership Summit, hosted by St. Vincent de Paul.

The audience asked questions and I answered. Again, we had a series of wonderful questions that lead to a series of candid conversations.

People asked me about picking your battles, creating a culture, diversity, and dealing with employees who aren’t working out.

Throughout the questions and my answers, one theme was woven throughout…you have to stand up for what you believe in.

If you believe in a political position speak up about it. If you believe in building a strong culture you have to speak up about it. If you believe in diversity and inclusion you have to speak up about it.

Speak up so people know what you believe. Don’t underestimate the impact you can have.

If you have built a good reputation you can speak up more often.

  1. Bravo Lee. We all need to rise up if we are going to improve the lives of all Americans. What is happening in our country right now is wrong on every level of decency when it comes to immigration, race relations, equality and fairness for all. The majority (I have to believe)agree with you, and we need to flex our majority muscle and speak out clearly every chance we get about what we believe in.

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