Take Responsibility For Your Own Development

Today we are answering our first listener question of 2022 (full disclosure, we recorded it last month). Eric Reys asks: My daughter just became a manager and has not had any leadership training. Should she look into outside courses and bring them to her boss or do it on her own?

I have explained previously that there is a difference between management and leadership. Management is about getting things done and is technical. These are the hard skills needed to do a job, and ideally, you should have the skillset and the training you need to perform your job. Leadership, however, is about empowering those around you by helping them and developing them.

When it comes to being developed as a leader, do it on your own. You don’t have to invest lots of money. You can start by listening to podcasts (this one is great – we have almost 400 episodes). Find voices in leadership that you trust and dig into what they teach. You don’t need to go to your boss to get what you need; it is already at your fingertips. It is your responsibility to quietly and quickly work on expanding your understanding of leadership and what it looks like to be a good leader. Chances are, you are already doing a lot of what makes a good leader; you just need to get intentional about honing it.

You don’t need leadership training; you need awareness of what it is so you can conduct yourself accordingly. Be nice. Tell the truth. Be a good person and be reliable. Get out there every day and ask how you can be a better person for those around you. Once you move into leadership, your career is no longer about you; it is about those you lead. Your job is to remove obstacles so others can do their job. If you want to work with vacation planners who remove obstacles in the way of your perfect vacation, contact Magical Vacation Planners. You can reach them at 407-442-2694.