Take Time to Celebrate Milestones

take time to celebrate milestonesTaking time to celebrate milestones is an important part of any organizations culture.

With that, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate episode 250 of Creating Disney Magic.

Over the past 5 years, with each episode approximately 15 minutes long, we have produced more than 62 hours of lessons in leadership, management and customer service. If you have listened to the episodes, with only 15 minutes once per week, you have accumulated a lot of information. Perhaps more information than if you took a university course on leadership. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

Another lesson from creating 250 episodes, is if you get started you can create something special. But you have to get started, put in the time to do the work and you can become an expert. When Jody Maberry and I started this podcast we didn’t know where it would go or what it would become.

Here is the most important lesson from this episode, you need to take the time to celebrate milestones. Everyone likes to be recognized and celebrated. Plus, when you celebrate milestones and accomplishments, it shows other people what it takes to get recognized. As people understand what types of situations you celebrate, it helps build culture.

We all want positive comments and feedback. Take a moment to celebrate yourself and those around you.

If you want to help me celebrate the 250 episode milestone, would you consider leaving a rating and review for the podcast? Here is a direct link to leave an iTunes review. If you listen in another platform and they allow reviews, please go ahead and leave a review there.

Thank you for your support. We wouldn’t have gotten to 250 episodes without you.