Taking Risks in Your Career

Creating Disney Magic Episode 424 Taking Risks in Your CareerToday, Jody and I discuss what it means to take calculated risks in your career. I started taking risks early in my career and I wouldn’t change it.

Taking risks can be intimidating, but they aren’t as great as they are in your mind. It is easier to take risks earlier in your career; you have your whole life ahead of you. When you start taking risks, you build confidence. That confidence helps you grow and make wise decisions on the risks you take as you continue your career.

You don’t want to regret life. People are so afraid to lose their security, which is understandable. Don’t let security and the fear of loss hinder advancing your future. Once you start taking risks, it gets easier.

It is necessary to have a solid support system when you are taking risks. Get input from those in your life. Once you are more established in your life, and your decisions affect other people, it can become difficult to take those risks, and you need to give more consideration to the ones you decide to take.

What do you consider when taking a risk? Ask yourself the following questions:

1) What Can go wrong and what do I have in place if it does?

2) Will this experience and knowledge pay off late?

3) Who will this help me become?

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