Exploring Off Site Team Building Exercises

team building exercises escape roomMore than ever, it is important to get some of your team out of the office for team building exercises. People are running so fast we don’t have time to settle down and think about what to do long term.

Getting out of the office and into a new environment allows your team to bond without the distraction and routine of the office.

When teams have fun, they do better work. When teams have fun away from the office, they can discover new ideas.

Best ideas don’t usually happen in the office. Ideas come away from the office when we are out of the business that surrounds us at work.

To explore the idea of offsite team building exercises, Teddy Cheek, marketing and brand director for The Escape Game, joins us on this episode of Creating Disney Magic.

Corporations and organizations use Escape Rooms as a team building exercise. Teddy has seen first hand the impact of offsite team building exercises and how effective it can be.

Sitting in an office is not very creative. Get off-site away from the phone and email. Do an activity like an Escape Room, then gather together to talk about strategy and go to lunch together.