Teens and Sex...Don't be late of this discussion!

Being a parent is the most important leadership position in the world.

I read an interesting article this morning. Fifty percent of parents who believe their teenagers are not involved in sexual activity are wrong. Talk to your kids early and no later than 10-11 years old. This puts a new perspective on priortizing your day. Don’t procrastinate on this leadership responsibility.

Some good websites to help you through this discussion:

www.aacap.org        www.talkingwithkids.org     www.Parenting.com

The following website is for you to give to your children. It offers teens anonymous access to expert counseling and advice:  www.teencentral.net

Kids do not want to dissapoint their  parents. The best way to communicate with them is to be very clear about your expectations. Parents are the strongest role-model for children for better or worse.

Be careful what you say and do as they are watching you and judging you every second….Lee

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  1. It’s not like when we grew up any more. With the invention of the internet all the rules have changed and there is no such thing as being to involved in your childs life. Being a parent will also be the best and hardest job you will ever have in your life.

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