The Basics of Hospitality

Creating Disney Magic Episode 425 The Basics of HospitalityToday, Jody and I look at the inner workings of the hospitality industry and what we can learn from it regardless the industry you are in.

I worked in hospitality for many years. Much of what I learned during my time as a General Manager of a hotel chain formed the foundation for how I approach customer service.

It is important to gather facts and information. There are different types of customers, and each type has different needs. Get on the ground and figure out what they are looking for. Build a list of what your customers need before they have a chance to ask for it.

Your customers and employees know everything you need, get out and talk with them. They are happy to do a good job; they need the tools. Set a clear standard of excellence and explain the specifics.

Be guest focused. Stop what you are doing and focus on your guests. People want what they want, and they want it immediately. Meet those needs. Teach each area of your organization how they can best meet the needs of their customers. As the administrator, get around, be on the floor and find the issues before the guests can.

These are the basics. Understand the basics of your business and do them. The basics of hospitality will win every time. If you want to be great, everything matters. If you are ok with good, then you can let things go.

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