The Magic of Masterminds

magic of mastermindsMagic happens when you get people in a room together.

We recorded this episode one day after one of my Creating Magic Mastermind events.

People usually come to these events to spend time with me, but the real magic happens because of everyone else in the room.

When you can hear from other people on how they solve and resolve problems it gives you a different perspective. When you leave the room, you will see your own problems differently.

All we know is what we do. And maybe what we read. But when you get in a room with a group of people who have different approaches, different viewpoints, you walk out with a new spark.


Forget about meetings you know from work. You need enough time to get comfortable and work through a problem. Spending an hour with a group of people isn’t enough time to make a difference.

There is magic in Masterminds. Find a way to get involved in meetings like this. Come join me for a Creating Magic Mastermind. Or get colleagues, co-workers or like-minded people in your community together.

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