The Mistakes You Make on Your Website

the mistakes you make on your websiteMost organizations make two big mistakes with their website.

First, we are confusing people about what we sell. People should be able to look at your website for five seconds and be able to know what you sell, how it will make their life better, and what do you need to do to buy it.

When you tell people what you are selling, they tend to buy it.

Some of the confusion we create comes from the curse of knowledge. We know so much about our product, we project our knowledge onto the customer.

The second mistake we make with our website, is we talk too much about ourselves. Instead, you want to talk about the customer and the customer’s problem. People don’t read your website to find out about you, they are reading to find out how you can solve their problem.

“Don’t be the hero, be the guide.” – Donald Miller.

You can talk about yourself as long as you are talking about empathy, “I feel your pain”, and authority, “I have the expertise to get your out of your problem.”

When we express empathy and authority, people will end up wanting to hear your story. But you have to earn the right by showing people you care about their problems.

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