The Peril of Not Keeping in Touch with the Front Line

The Peril of Not Keeping in Touch with the Front Line

Creating Disney Magic Episode 480 the peril of not keeping in touch with the front line

“Our job as a leader or a parent is to keep our people emotionally, psychologically, and physically safe.”

One of the biggest mistakes I see leaders make is not keeping in touch with the front line. We recently had someone ask what to do when a manager has not been treating staff with respect, causing upheaval within the organization. There are a few ways to address issues like this and regain the trust and respect of the team. But if you want to know what’s going on, you have to spend time being out and about with your employees. You have to spend time building comfortable relationships with your team. If you are not staying connected with the front line, it becomes more challenging to handle managerial issues that are impacting the organizational culture.

Despite the convenience of virtual meetings, nothing replaces the power of face-to-face interaction. It’s essential for leaders to engage with their teams beyond meetings. More positive interactions foster trust, connection, and the opportunity to address issues before they escalate.

When managerial misconduct is identified, swift and decisive action is necessary. Whether it’s holding tough conversations, demoting, or terminating, addressing issues is crucial to safeguard the team and organizational culture.

Leaders must take ownership of their team’s well-being. By admitting faults, initiating change, and ensuring a safe and open work environment, leaders can cultivate trust and support within their teams. Transparency and open communication are vital in leadership. There is a lot of power in admitting mistakes when you are wanting to make positive changes.

Make sure to listen to this episode to learn more about ways to stay connected with the front line. This is a great conversation on addressing management issues with transparency and empathy, reinforcing the importance of taking responsibility and driving positive change. Being aware of the dynamics within an organization is what will help you create a culture of trust and respect in the workplace.


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Episode Highlights

001:07 Importance of leaders building trust and openness

04:45 Open communication crucial for understanding in relationships.

09:00 Confirming, addressing, and neutralizing disrespectful behavior in the workplace.

12:36 Becoming aware of personal responsibility, taking action.

13:24 Understanding self-improvement, take action, communicate, and address issues in leadership.