The Power of Persistence

power of persistenceIn your book, your phone number. What do you do with all the extra phone calls you get?

Believe it or not, I don’t get many phone calls. Sure, I get some spam calls. Even when I was the EVP of Disney World, I made myself available to any cast member. It wasn’t often a cast member reached out. And today, not many people reach out. If someone calls me, I want to make sure they get in touch with me. That is how I am able to book presentations and other business.

If phone calls are taking away from your business, you still have to find a way to handle the calls. Most businesses make it hard to talk to a real person. Answering the phone is part of taking care of your customers.

If I have my own business but want to learn from someone in a different business, how can I ask them to be my mentor?

Reach out and ask for advice. Find out more about the company, pick someone in the company, explain your situation and ask if you can spend a few minutes asking questions. Keep at it. Don’t get discouraged.

Persistence is a big problem today. People give up too easily. The power of persistence will take you far in life.