The Power of Self-Reflection

Creating Disney Magic Episode 408 the Importance of Self- ReflectionToday we are discussing the importance of self-reflection, both as an employee and as a leader.

We have talked a few times about the changing terrain of the employee/employer relationship. People today are unwilling to remain in toxic environments or in places they don’t feel valued. There are some industries where no matter how hard you work, you will probably encounter unappreciative environments. The service industry is notorious for this. But sometimes, we must check in with ourselves to see if negative feedback is warranted. This is called self-reflection.


When you encounter harsh environments at work, you can choose to move on or press on. You can leave now, or you can push through and leave later with exposure, experience, and training. Regardless of the environment, your job is to learn and get better. There is a benefit to waiting it out. Learn how to be the leader you want to be by immolating good leaders and recognizing what you don’t want to take away from bad ones.

If your work environment is an obstacle, don’t let it undermine your future. Have a talk with yourself and get prepared. You know poor treatment is going to happen. Composure is part of leadership. Learn to navigate any and all situations and become better because of them. Never stop reflecting. Learn who you want to be by looking at the leaders around you, and then become who you want to be by fine-tuning the traits you see in yourself. The importance of self-reflection should never be ignored.

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