The Satisfaction of Helping Other People

Today we are celebrating something big. Episode 400! Creating Disney Magic started eight years ago and has stood the test of time. Jody has some interesting statistics about our audience.

As we record our four hundredth episode, Jody asks an interesting question. Why keep doing the show? After eight years, I am surprised how much I have learned through this podcast; not to mention it is the perfect way of connecting with individuals who may benefit from my other products. I have some great courses, resources and even do some public speaking. It amazes me how the more you explain, the more you understand. Teaching feeds your brain with knowledge.

My biggest take away is asking more often. Ask for what you want. The worst people can do is say no. But they may say yes. Ask more and offer more. The more you help people, the more you get out of it.

It has been a pleasure to work with Magical Vacation Planners over the duration of the show. Make sure you contact Magical Vacation Planners about your next trip. You can reach them at 407-442-2694.


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