The Winner For Worst Service 2014 is

Hello Everyone

As the new year comes to a close I want to give you the Winner of The Worst Service in The World  for 2014 Award.

This award goes to a company in Hollywood, California. Their web site is: They also go by

the name Gourmet Direct International.  We have caviar one time a year plus some other treats for our Christmas

Eve dinner with family and friends. This year I order my gourmet items from this company and chose the overnight

FedEx delivery. The next day we had not received the order so Priscilla checked the tracking number and it said it was in

transit. It never came as promised. The next day it still had not come so Priscilla called FedEx. They said the order missed the plane because of mechanical problems. The next day FedEx informed us they had returned the order to the Gourmet Direct International. We assume it had spoiled by then as it was in an ice pack. Priscilla called the company and reported this and asked they refund our credit card. The person on the phone was very rude and said, “The customer always right…NO…customer always wrong and hung up.

I returned from the UK on Saturday from a client seminar and wrote them another note asking for the credit and informing them I would contact American Express to have the charge disputed if they did not process the credit. Never heard a word from them and had American Express reverse the charge this morning. American Express wins one of the awards for excellent service. I love their customer service.

I looked on the internet for reviews of this company which I should have done before I placed my order. Here is a review from a customer that is exactly the way my wife’s call was handled;

“Ordered caviar for overnight delivery, very expensive item with a $35 charge for overnight shipping.  Checked in with 911caviar 2 days after purchase, and a very rude man (wouldn’t give his name) said the package hadn’t been shipped yet.

When I asked why it hadn’t been shipped yet, he said it was going out “today” — already late.  My credit card had already been charged the day I ordered (not upon shipping), which is bad business practice.  Then when I asked to speak with a supervisor, the guy hung up on me.

The company also goes under the name Gourmet Direct International, so I suggest avoiding them as well.  I sent an email to get a credit back on my card, but never heard back, and no credit has been posted.  I stopped payment with my bank and filed a fraud alert.”

Their website is excellent….Their service is dismal. Be careful who is handling customer service for your organization….Merry Christmas….Lee

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  1. Lee,

    The internet gives even a small business the ability to compete with the biggest of big companies. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t understand what is required to successfully compete with those companies.

    As you have discovered, it’s prudent to do research before dealing with a new company on the internet. There are many sites that host reviews but I’ve found the easiest way to research a company is to Google them.

    Caveat Emptor!

    Merry Christmas, Lee

    Armand Girard

    P.S. I just pre-ordered your new book on Amazon. Looking forward to reading it.

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