Tough Times To Be Sure

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The post below I first posted in 2008. As you can see, not much has changed. Things are slowly getting better for many but not for all. Unfortunately big problems take time to sort out. These are not the worst tmes American has been in and as always things will get better. I know that is hard to believe as you watch our non leaders in congress. I for instance was suffering from depression four years ago because of my wife’s health problems. I had never been depressed a day in my life until then. Back then I thought things would never get better. Today I am fine, so is Priscilla and our life is better than ever. Take care of each other and have a wonderful holiday together…Lee


Originally posted in April 2008


As they say, “When the times get tough, the tough get going. Stay focused and don’t let all of the noise get to you.   I was just talking with someone who told me that emotionally he felt like a 5 or 6 on a 10-point scale . . . and that he really did not know why.  This person said everything was fine with his life.   I told this person that I know why . . . and the reason is that we are living in an emotional difficult period of time right now.

We had the events of September 11 to deal with, and  we have the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is still going on.  Now we have the economy falling apart for many people, and it still shows no strong signs of a quick recovery. Gas prices and food prices are shooting up, putting more pressure on people.   We have the presidential candidates rattling on, on every channel how bad things are and how they have the solutions to our problems and we generally don’t trust any of them very much. At the least we are skeptical.   We, for a long time, have had to deal with a possible war in Iran and the issues in North Korea.   We are consistently reminded that terrorists will strike again, and it is only a matter of time we are told.   We read in the paper every day about companies going bankrupt, and people losing their jobs.   We read about the dishonesty of some leaders of some companies and how they are stealing millions from their shareholders and employees.   Most of the so called brilliant leaders of our financial institutions turned out to be not so brilliant as they report billions in loses.   We know people who are losing their homes because of the greediness of lending institutions and their manipulation of making the loans in the first place.   We read about how bad our education system is and how high the drop out rate is.   We look at the returns on our savings accounts and investments and go:  YUK.   These are emotional things, even if you don’t think they are affecting you.  I know that they are, as we all worry about the consequences of all of this.  All of this stuff reaches our subconscious, and it has some effect whether it is small or large.   It has been just one thing after another, it seems, and this does take its toll on everyone—I am sure.   We are all going to continue to be challenged in our personal and professional lives as we continue to work through this difficult time in America and the world.   The way you can help your company is to continue to look for any way to become more productive and to save costs where you can. Let your leader know if you have any ideas on how to do this better.  You are all in this together.   The good news is that this will pass, and things will get better . . . and we will all look back on these times as difficult times to be sure, and we will have lots of stories to tell the young ones about the tough days in 2008 and how good they have it now.  I have heard these stories from my mother, and I have told these stories to my son.  Each generation has tough times . . . this is called LIFE.   America and Americans are resilient and always overcome whatever is thrown at them.  That is the greatness of our country and our people.   So now, you know why you might be a little stressed out.  Try to get enough sleep and exercise,   and communicate with those close to you as much as possible about your feelings . . . and you will  get through this!  Have a good week out there, and take care of one another! Be the leader who stays positive and inspires the people around you….Lee


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  1. Amen! We have a saying, “this time it’s not different it only happens for different reasons.” If we only focus on the negative, uncertain things in our life we risk apathy. The only reasons these things happen is for our benefit to learn and become better from. We all have a choice to live a life of gratitude and from that will be able to cope with the stuff that is happening around us. It’s not about being happy it’s about being thankful. Thanks Lee.

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