Training Should be Continuous

training should be continuousOn this episode of Creating Disney Magic, I want to talk about the importance of continuous training for leaders and employees.

When should you redo formal training?

The training interval will vary depending on what field you’re in. For example, if you are in the medical field, you would need to stay current on pathogens, policy, and procedures for illness and infections. Where if you are in the food industry, then staying current on food handling, proper cleaning procedures, and food safety would be paramount. It would also be necessary to redo training after a leave of absence since policies and procedures can often change rapidly.

Why should you train continuously?

If not trained and retrained, people will shortcut and not apply the formal training the way it was intended, the consequences of this could be deadly. Great leaders continuously train themselves and then coach their staff so they can all be the best example of safety, customer service, and leadership possible.

When we continuously coach the team, not only does it keeps the training information fresh at the front of our minds, it also allows coaching on specific situations that need to be addressed. Using a daily coaching strategy can implement changes as needed rather than waiting for something to happen before we handle a situation.

If your company or business is not paying for training, coaching, or continuing education, it is your responsibility to invest in yourself to become the best leader you can be.

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