Understand Your Managers Expectations

Creating Disney Magic Episode 416 Understand Your Managers ExpectationsToday Jody and I answer another question we were asked during a recent webinar. This one came while we were talking about setting clear expectations when hiring and retaining people.  An attendee asked, “what if this was not part of the process when you were hired somewhere?” It can cause anxiety when you don’t know or understand your managers expectations.

In Time Management seminars I always talk about how important it is to get clear right at the beginning of a project. Ask right away for a day or time that a project should be done. A lack of clarity leaves too much room to make mistakes and fall behind.

Key Takeaways

The first thing employees need to do is be brave enough to go ask their leader for clarity. They should ask them, “how am I doing? Is there anything about my attitude, performance, or skills that you think I should improve?” Ask them directly to give you feedback. Let them know you appreciate their clarity.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that decide not to work at Disney once they get clarity on expectations. They realize the schedule or responsibilities will not work for them. And that is okay. It saves everybody trouble if expectations are made clear in the beginning.

Do not leave room for loopholes. Do you know who loves finding loopholes? Teenagers. If you ever need practice on setting clear expectations pay attention to how you interact with teenagers. If you aren’t clear they will find a way to get away with what they decide to do, not what may need to be done. This can also happen in your business.

Be more thoughtful and ask for more clarity from people. Let them know it is because you do not want to disappoint them. Then ask them to be more clear with you so they don’t get set up for disappointment. The last thing you should say to everybody you meet with is, “is there anything else I can do for you?” Managers need to ask their people that question. Employees should also ask their boss that question. Clarity is key to getting work done well and on time.

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