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Hi everyone. I just returned from Portugal and Kuwait where I did several seminars. The people of both countries were so nice. They really understand customer service. Travel is the best way to learn without a doubt.


We just launched our on line learning site this week. Check out the Free Trial at; www.Thrive15.com. It is a very unique way to learn about leadership, management and customer service. Use the Promotion Code: MAGIC

Also you might find value in my book Creating Magic…10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies From A Life At Disney, my Leadership and Management Blog and App, my new book The Customer Rules,…The 39 Essential Rules forDelivering Sensational Service, was published last year and my workshops and keynote speeches at: www.LeeCockerell.com. My email is: Lee@LeeCockerell.com and my phone is: 407-908-2118 if you need to reach me.

 TEACHER’s GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE: For a copy of the new Teacher’s Guide for Creating Magic go to: www.LeeCockerell.co. Click on Lee’s Books Tab and then Click on the cover of Creating Magic and the link will appear to download the guide.

Take care and have a great day…Lee

PS: My new books  Time Management Magic and  Career Development Magic will be out soon. Watch for them!

Here is the video’s link for your speech in Portugal at the Happy Conference https://www.dropbox.com/s/vw691szg3mxi04j/BestOf_HappyConference2014_EnglishVersion.mp4

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  1. I am vey much looking forward to “Time Management Magic”. As a computer programmer, the art of app development can often be unpredictable insofar as time is concerned. If I can increase this skillet I may be able to counteract some of these issues before they arise.

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