Use the Phone to Build Your Reputation

phone conversationsFor many people, your reputation will reach them before you have the chance to meet them in person.

Don’t underestimate the impact your phone conversations have on people.

Your demeanor on the phone will help people know you are respectful, professional, helpful and will show people they can ask you hard questions. Phone conversations will help you build trust with people.

Don’t do phone calls on a whim. Prepare for a call so you know what you want to accomplish while you are on the phone. Look something up about the other person before you talk to them. Don’t let a phone call be a blind conversation.

When you handle phone calls the right way, people will feel like they already know you before they even get to meet you in person.

When you answer your phone, say your name. Cut out the confusion. “Hello, this is Lee.” Right away, people will know who they are talking to.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and have a short personal conversation when you are on the phone. People want to feel like they matter. If you only stick to business when you call, you can’t build a relationship. In a 30 second conversation, you may get an answer to your questions, but you won’t learn much about a person. And you won’t make them feel special.