What Do You Do With What You Learn

Creating Disney Magic Episode 430 What do you do with what you learnDuring this episode Lee everyone to think about what do you do with what you learn. When people are given an abundance of tools it is up to them to make use of them. 

As we enter the New Year, ask yourself: What do you do with what you learn?

Often, people fill themselves with knowledge. We all have problems, and chances are we know what we need to do to fix them. The issue is that people don’t do the hard things. If you want change you have to actually address what needs to be changed.

You don’t need a New Year to make changes. The New Year starts every morning so choose something to do today. Force yourself to confront and do hard things. Take a few minutes and identify something in your life that you need to address; something hard. Then pick a time frame and tackle it. If you need to, get an expert to help you. You will speed up overcoming it.

People watch you. As you overcome and they see it, you empower them to overcome too. Be the spark that others need to accomplish the things they need to do in their own lives. Everyone has dreams. If you don’t act, that is exactly what they stay. Stick with it until it isn’t a problem anymore.

If it is good enough to start doing tomorrow, go ahead and get started today.

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