What if You are Too Busy for New Customers?

too busy for customersWhat if you are so busy you don’t have room to fit in a new customer?

It happens. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with our current workload it is difficult to fit in new customers.

But you should never leave it to someone else to get back to you. Put in a system where you get back to a potential customer without putting the burden on them.

If you leave it to a potential customer to get back to you, they will find someone else to do business with. Don’t let a customer try a competitor before you even get the chance to serve them.

Make it easy to do business with you, and more people will do business with you.

If you put a system in place where you call back customers and keep communicating with them they will be willing to wait.

Don’t string along a customer, but keep the contact alive.

Most people are so disorganized they will forget about you if you don’t keep reminding them.

Don’t just think about how busy you are right now and let them walk away. Consider the lifetime value of a customer.

Most customers, when they find someone great, will stay with you. Make sure people get the chance to experience how good you are.

If you keep these ideas in mind, people will be glad to wait for you:

Make every customer feel special.

Treat people respectfully.

Be reliable and credible.

People will wait for quality.

Have the attitude that you are the giving one. Treat people special, even if they are not yet a customer.

If you can’t serve someone, recommend someone else who can help them. Even if you don’t make the immediate sale. People will remember how you treat them. Be the giving one.