What Will Your Legacy Be?

what-will-your-legacy-beWhat will your legacy be? Have you taken time to consider this?

This episode of Creating Disney Magic is the second episode recorded live at Urbain 40 with a group from a live Mastermind meeting. You can hear the first episode here. People who were in the room had the opportunity to ask me questions, which you will hear on the podcast.

One of the questions was about what my legacy will be.

For a long time, I had this all wrong. I thought it was all about Lee Cockerell. But now, I realize I need to be a teacher to leave a legacy. The work I do is to help other people have a bigger life. By teaching other people, they will teach what they learn to other people. It spreads. Teaching builds a legacy that lasts a long time. You can’t change America, but you can change your family. And you can change your workplace. Start today and you can leave a legacy.

Other topics we discuss on this episode:

Advice for women in leadership positions. 

Advice for young adults entering the workforce.

People who invested in my life who helped me become who I am today. 

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