When Should You Ask for a Pay Raise?

should i ask for a pay raiseMost people feel they are underpaid at their job.

My whole career I thought I should have made more money.

But when should you ask for a pay raise?

You agreed to do a job at a salary, so knowing when you are providing enough value to ask for more money can be delicate.

I have never asked for a pay raise in my career. My plan was always to do a such a great job they promoted me and I would make more money that way.

But my thought was, “Love me and pay me properly, or I am likely to leave.” And I did. I left jobs where I did not feel loved or valued.

If you don’t feel you are making enough money if you don’t feel valued if you don’t feel appreciated, it is time to look for another job.

When your attitude begins to get negative, you should go somewhere else.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of factors that go into someone else deciding you should be paid more money. But the most important factor is you have to be creating so much value you are worth more money.

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