Why Every Business Should Have Appearance Guidelines

appearance guidelinesYour people are your brand. The way staff look represents your company to every customer who walks through the door.

At Disney, we have appearance guidelines because we are putting on a show. If you want to tell a story people will believe, everyone has to look like the part they are playing in the show.

Every business should have appearance guidelines. Staff should be dressed to fit the theme of your business. What do customers expect employees to look like when they visit your business?

Now put guidelines in place to govern clothes, hair, tattoos and other aspects of appearance your customers will see.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking appearance only matters to companies like Disney. Every business is putting on a show. Appearance matters.

Giving attention to appearance guidelines is one way you can begin to build your reputation.

When it comes to implementing appearance guidelines, consider what message you want to send to your customers. Appearance guidelines will also give clarity to people upfront which will help people decide if they want to be part of the show you are putting on.