Why You Need Pre Shift Meetings

If you have been around for a while, you may be familiar with our Main Street Leader Newsletter. This topic is one I have mentioned in the Main Street Leader before, and it is a simple concept with a great return. The pre-shift meeting is a tool that can be a difference-maker for your company and team.

When we get ready to embark on the day, we need to ensure we connect and get on the same page. Once shift starts and customers arrive, it will be too chaotic to ensure everyone has the game plan. These pre-shift connect points are short and equip our team to be the expert for what they will be doing over the next few hours. If you are in the restaurant business, it might be covering the specials or what is not available. If you’re in retail, it might be discussing promos and making the team aware of any pertinent information.

These pre-shift meetings are perfect for providing information, inspiration and equipping the team for what is coming. To ensure the time is valuable and that you utilize it fully, make an agenda. Determine the headings you want to cover and jot down the notes. Give your team a chance to ask questions and add value as well. The key is being prepared and finding out what works for your team.

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