Work on What's Important Now

Creating Disney Magic Ep 452 Work on Whats Important Now“You’re not a product of your circumstances. You’re a product of your decisions.”

Through my experience as a leader, I have learned that time management and prioritization are key to success. In this episode, I shared my insights on how to achieve better time management and make better decisions.

There are a few things great leaders do in order to make sure they don’t stray into unnecessary tasks. The first is that they have a strong understanding of what is important. They make sure they are focusing on completing those tasks, and delegating tasks to great people. It’s also important to take care of the basics before moving on to bigger tasks.

During this episode I suggest some practical tips such as starting with small tasks with big returns, taking walks for health and taking courses to improve time management. These steps can help professionals to improve their time management and decision-making skills, ultimately leading to success.

Other ways to focus on what is important now:

  • Master time management and its impact on achieving personal and professional goals
  • Identify high-priority tasks which yield significant results and develop effective decision-making skills
  • Recruit talented individuals for delegating responsibilities and establish a strong foundation
  • Discover the advantages of expanding your knowledge through educational resources
  • Embrace a mindset geared towards ongoing learning and enhanced decision-making prowess

Balancing going above and beyond with daily job requirements is a matter of prioritizing what’s important. Listen to this episode for valuable insights on time management and decision-making.


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00:01:22 – Time Management

00:04:27 – Commitment and Responsibility

00:07:14 – Basics and Extra Inch

00:10:36 – Cockerell Academy and The Main Street Leader