Working with Disengaged Employees

Creating Disney Magic Episode 443 Working with Disengaged EmployeesToday, Jody and I are answering a few questions about working with a disengaged employee that we didn’t get to on a recent webinar.

If you have an employee who is disengaged, you need to assess the situation. Determine if there has been a change, or is this how they have always been? If someone has changed, than something has changed. It is your job as the manager to identify it and help them find the solution. If you notice an employee has disengaged or their performance is slacking, sit down with them. Communicate your concern and remind them of what the expectation is. Help them see what they need to do to get back to the expected performance level. Give them specific examples and your specific expectations.

If there is an employee you hired and they have disengaged from the start, you need to reset expectations clearly and communicate that there is a high standard. Own where you have been a part of the problem or where clarity may have been lacking. From there, you can communicate the desired direction.

If you inherit a disengaged employee, check in with your predecessor. Get the lay of the land. Again, be clear about expectations and direction. Make sure they know their part and the expected changes. Hold them to it and coach them through it.

Keep at it, and be on the lookout. Be the role model that walks around, is informed, and is trustworthy.

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