Working with Entrepreneurial Employees


Over the last few years, especially 2020, we have seen the workforce environment change drastically. Whether it is birthed from a dream or by necessity, many young people today aspire to have their own business someday. But how does that impact us as leaders and the decisions we make surrounding hiring and developing our staff? 

In this episode, we’re answering a listener question about this very subject.


Bradley from Nashville, TN posed this week’s question: How would you develop employees that say they want to start their own company?


It can be tempting, as a leader, to hear an employee aspires to own their own business and interpret that as a lack of loyalty. But that really couldn’t be further from the truth.


A confident leader can recognize that an entrepreneurial spirit brings assets with it that a content employee may never develop. Often, those who plan to start their own company are hungry to learn and are looking to gain experience and exposure, all the while being committed to growth. If you are lucky enough to have this kind of person in your organization, take it.


With this increasing trend, we have an opportunity to develop and learn from our entrepreneurial employees. They tend to be top-notch, driven, and ready to learn. Take the time, answer their questions, let them step into responsibility. Their dream will require them to depend on their performance and reliability for success. Time spent isn’t enough, they must have results. The more ambitious people you have, the better you are going to do.


The environment of business is changing. Whether it is moving away from employees to contractors or from brick and mortar to remote offices, having risk-takers and people who take ownership on your team will serve you just as much as it serves them. 


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