Working with Multiple Generations

 Creating Disney Magic Episode 454 Working with Multiple Generations“The more you know, the better decisions you make about people.”

When I think back to my time at Disney and working in the hospitality industry, I remember that managing multi-generational teams can be challenging. It is also one of the most rewarding aspects of leadership. I learned a lot about how to manage employees of different generations through an individualized communication strategy. A fast way to model and develop an inclusive work culture is by being receptive to various employee needs and respecting their differences.

As a leader you need to be listening to all voices, including those of immigrants, single moms, and younger employees. By understanding individual needs and preferences, leaders can develop an approach tailored to each employee. Over the years I had a number of scenarios where accommodating individual needs led to employee loyalty and successful product launches.

Do not shy away from young people that are speaking up and voicing their opinions. It’s critical for parents to teach their children to speak out when they have a problem. As a leader, empower young professionals to contribute their innovative ideas and insights for organizational success.

During this conversation I shared many more insights into how working with multiple generations can be incredibly impactful on your leadership, customer service, and running a thriving business. After you listen, use the advice, and go create magic for others.

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Episode Highlights

00:00:08 – Multigenerational Workforce

00:05:41 – Importance of Individualized Approach

00:09:31 – Younger Generations

00:11:30 – Learning from Constituents

00:12:49 – Listening and Acting

00:13:19 – Encouraging Young People to Speak Up

00:13:40 – Empowering Girls to Speak Up

00:14:03 – Listening to Others to Avoid Trouble