Yesterday, Today, and the Future

One of the key points I teach in my Life Managment seminar is to take a few minutes every day to plan your day and to put in your day planner in the “To Do Today” section what you plan to get accomplished today. There are three things you need to think about to develope the list of things to do.

The first thing is to think about yesterday. What did you not do so well or could have done better? What did you forget to do yesterday? Fix yesterday before you start on today. The next thing you think about are the responsibilities you have signed up for in your life. Examples are your spouse or partner, your children or other relatives, your direct reports, your health, your retirement and so on. The final thing you think about is “What should you work on today which will not pay off for 5, 10, 15 or even 40 years from now. Those items include exercising, developing strong trustful relationships, developing a great culture for your organization, giving your children a love of reading by the time they are 5, your retirement, your continuing education and on and on.

If you do not control your life it will control you. If you do the right things when you are young, you can do what you want when you are old.

One thing I failed to do in yesterdays post about how great the Disney Cruise Line is, was to give recognition to Mike, the Concierge manager . He made us feel very special and took care of every request we had. Thank you Mike…sorry I missed you yesterday…..Welcome back to port this morning and have a nice cruise tonight making magic for your new passengers…..Lee

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