You Can't Separate Work and Home Life

you can't separate work and home lifeIn a past episode of Creating Disney Magic, I said it was a mistake to try to live two separate lives; one at home and one at work.

Since we have never discussed it in a full episode, a listener wrote in asking us to talk more about it. So in this episode, we get right into it.

The truth is, you don’t get to live two lives. You have to get everything done in the one life you are given.

The way to do this is through time-management. This isn’t a skill that’s only applicable to work. You need to implement good time management at home, too.

List out everything you need to do in a planner, then go through and prioritize it. If the two most important things you have to get done today are personal, that’s okay. If you need to finish up a work project after supper, that’s okay, too.

Management is all about control. All the stuff you have to do isn’t business or personal–it’s just life. Your personal issues affect your work and vise-versa. So, keep all aspects of your life under control.

Additionally, it’s a mistake to keep your personal life from your staff. If you act like a robot and never share, people won’t be as open or trusting with you. It’s all about making connections. You never know who you will help by sharing something you’re going through or who will be able to help you.

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