You Don't Have to be a VIP to Treat People Like One

treat people like a vipI started my hospitality career in 1964 working at a Hilton Hotel. This episode was recorded in Hilton in Yakima, WA.

In 1973, I begin working for Marriott.  When I started my career with Marriott, many of my friends thought I was crazy to take a job with such a small company. “That company is never going to be anything”, they said. Now, Marriott is the largest hotel company in the world with 6,500 hotels. When I joined them in 1973, they had only 32 hotels.

With only 32 hotels, Bill Marriott used to stop by the hotel often back then. When you walked with Mr. Marriott through a hotel, he would show you how you can do better. He was a gentleman and he made all of us feel special.

You don’t have to be Bill Marriott to make people feel special.

You don’t have to be a VIP to treat other people like they are important.

Start a conversation. Ask questions. Show people they are doing a good job. Give them tips on how to do better.