You Voice Tells A Lot About YOU!

Today I was looking through special letter I kept that Guests sent to me  over the years. This one reminds me that the energy and spirit we put into our telephone voice is so important. Put this on your to-do list for the next meeting with any of your employees that answer the phones in your organization. This is another way your reputation is formed by your customers. For many of your customers the only contact they have with your brand is through the telephone.

Dear Lee

This letter is to thank you and your staff for the wonderful support and enthusiasm my family experienced when we traveled to theWalt Disney World® Resort last April 2002.

My husband and two daughters, ages 5 and 18 months, were very excited about our trip to the Walt Disney World® Resort, and it wasDebbie Grant from Disney Dining who made all the difference for us.

We were supposed to travel on September 26, 2001 ; and then, of course, September 11 happened.  We sadly had to postpone our trip and four days of carefully planned dining reservations.  Luckily, we did reschedule our trip to late April of 2002.  When I called to re-book our dining, I recognized a friendly voice (from booking my September reservations) on the phone.  Her name was Debbie in Orlando.  I believe it was Debbie’s enthusiasm, friendly voice, and patience that helped me recognize that I was talking to the same person from almost eight months earlier.

Debbie should be commended for the care and time she gives your Guests over the phone.  She seemed so excited about planning our events at the Walt Disney World® Resort one might think it was her very own trip.  Because of Debbie, my daughters had tea withAlice in Wonderland, rolled coconuts at ‘Ohana, ate with Characters at Hollywood & Vine, and journeyed on a Safari.  We learned about Fantasmic! and IllumiNations, and we ate at the coordinating restaurants:  The Hollywood Brown Derby and the Rose and Crown Pub.  The icing on the cake was seeing my daughters’ eyes when they ate breakfast with the Princesses.

Debbie helped make our trip organized and thorough.  We only had four days because we had to catch the Disney Cruise, but those four days were filled with memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.  We will certainly visit the Magic Kingdom® Park, Disney-MGM Studios, Epcot®, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park again (possibly in January).  We had a ball!  Keep up the good work, and please let Debbie know she is appreciated.


Debbie, You Are Appreciated!!

This letter teaches all of us the importance of our telephone voice.  Have you ever noticed the boring way you may be answering the phone? or the way someone else does until that person becomes suddenly aware of who is on the other end of the line . . . and then his or her really nice, friendly, enthusiastic, caring voice kicks in? 

We could all work on—and including me—showing our enthusiasm when we first say “Hello”!  Thanks, Debbie, for being a great….Lee

  1. Hi Lee,
    I remember when I had met you which was on the telephone and you needed assistance with your device working overseas. I did not know who you were but was happy I was able to assist. Looking back, I really appreciated your patience and understanding on the matter. Especially when you commended me on my performance while helping you. The interaction and feedback of that type really helps our Representatives here get through the day and go home happy. You mentioned about your website and I now look forward to your posts (have even referred colleagues to it). I’ll certainly agree with you that the tone, enthusiasm and would even add in honesty is what helps me day to day speaking with customer in the call center here.

  2. After recently shifting from management, where I did not spend a lot of time interacting with client, into a sales role I have noticed a subtle change. Working with our members is a true joy. The more time I take to understand, help and learn from the phone calls I make helps make my career a blast. It’s interesting that we tend to focus on the clients or how to make the client experience better when the answer is simply to make our attitude better. If we are interested and appreciative of the people we serve then we drive client satisfaction. That simple shift of perspective is really what you are talking about here. Thanks Lee!

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