Your Leadership Toolbox - Celebrating Episode 500

Creating Disney Magic episode 500 your leadership tool box celebrating episode 500 After many years in leadership I found there are some great tools to keep in your leadership toolbox. During this special virtual event celebrating episode 500, Jody and I welcomed people to a live recording.  It was a great turnout and fun seeing so many familiar faces. Thank you for the ongoing support and commitment to create Disney magic in your organization.

This episode focuses on one big question to ask yourself:

Do YOU have the right tools in your toolbox to be an effective leader?

When you have a people problem, you need the right tool/tools to fix it. I’ve put together a list of the tools that have been most effective in my professional and personal life.


*Hiring, *Training, *Treatment, Discipline, *Empathy, *Knowledge, *Truth, *Clarity,

*Fairness, *Firmness, *Caring, *Coolness, *Calmness, *Collectedness, *Delegation,

*Trust, *Coaching,  *Courage *Values, *Morals, *Learning, *Hiring, *Training, *Forgivness

*Treatment, *Urgency, *Teach *Hard Conversations, *Patience, *Recognition, *Apology

*Appreciation, *Encouragement , *Respect* Listen, *Inclusive, *Development, *Advice,

*Simple reminder, * Verbal Warning, Written Warning *Termination.

Remember, YOU may have created the problem in the first place by not using the right tools. Using the wrong tools can make the  problem worse. 99 % of all problems are created by people and the other 1% by Mother Nature….Lee Cockerell

Special thank you to Jamie and J.J. Eubanks, founders of Magical Vacation Planners, for joining on this live episode. They are great and always make sure people have a great trip. Make sure you reach out to Magical Vacation Planners to plan your next vacation or group travel event. You can reach them at 407-442-2694.

And another thank you goes to Katie Currens, for shifting gears from her usual behind the scene work on the production of the show to tagging in to co-host this special episode.


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