You’ve Got to Know More to Be More

When you know better, you do better. When you learn more, you know more. In this episode, I am answering Glenn’s question. Glenn asked a question based on a quote of mine. You’ve got to know more to be more. What does that look like?

Knowledge is power. When you know things, people listen to you. You have more power, more influence. You get better opportunities, and you make better decisions. You can help people more. There is value in education. I’m not just talking about college, but the hunger to learn and grow.

When paired with your experience and what you are exposed to, your education makes you a better person. If you aren’t getting knowledge, you aren’t getting “it”. You can learn a lot in as little as 15-20 minutes in a day. Break it down into bite-size chunks. Listen to a 10-15 minute podcast once a day. In two years, investing 10-15 minutes a day, you can become an expert in most topics.

Everything is connected, in one way or another. Get a wide range, varying points of view, and make sure you get out of your comfort zone. Do what makes you uncomfortable. That will help you grow and become better.

Glenn wrapped up his question with a follow-up. How did you coach yourself beyond your introverted tendencies?

With any challenges, you do the same thing. Do the hard things. For me, it was practicing public speaking and putting what I learned into action. Don’t underestimate what you can do. Don’t be afraid to get help in the areas you aren’t strong in. Practice anything, and over time, you will get better.

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