Work with Lee

All of my work, whether I come to your organization to speak or lead a workshop, or we work together through one of my online seminars, is all about helping you create magic. No matter how we work together, the result will be the same; you will have learned something that will make you a better leader in all parts of life.

Work with me in person

Since retiring from Disney, my favorite way to teach people is from the stage. Sure, I like when people clap for me, but it is more than that. When an entire organization or group gets the right message and leave inspired, real magic can happen. When each individual in the room is determined to become a better leader at work and at home, change is quick and powerful.

Below are my most popular speeches. If you are interested in bringing me to speak to your organization or association, contact me.

Time/Life Management

  • Learn how to put more control into all parts of your life through this simple system for planning and carrying out your responsibilities.
  • Learn the most important question to ask yourself every morning before you start your day.
  • Learn the four steps in planning each and every day (the fourth one being the key to a happy and successful life).
  • Learn what you can do today to avoid having a long list of regrets later in your life when it is too late.
  • Learn how to maintain strong relationships, prepare yourself for the future, maintain good health and reduce stress in your life.
  • Learn a simple system for doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, in the way it should be done, whether you or those around you like it or not.

Lee has taught this seminar to more than 75,000 people over the last 25 years with extraordinary success.

What are people saying?

“This is the best class I have ever attended. It really inspired me to think.”

“Since taking Lee’s Time/Life Management Class my life has changed dramatically, for the better.”

“Like everything Lee teaches, this seminar is simple but so powerful and effective.”

“Lee, I want you to know that your class saved my marriage.”

You Can Create Magic Too and The Customer Rules

Learn how “you can create magic too” in your organization by following The Customer Rules

  • Learn exactly what you must do to be perceived as a great leader.
  • Learn why you must understand the big difference between management and leadership.
  • Learn how to practice great leadership that will ensure you leave a legacy.
  • Learn about the free fuel we all have and don’t use enough.
  • Learn four simple ways to set your organization apart in the eyes of your customers and your employees.
  • Learn why the customer does not come first.
  • Learn the difference between training and development.
  • Learn the most important leadership behavior that will ensure success for you in all parts of your life.

Lee has delivered this powerful yet simple message to audiences all over the world. His ratings are continually in the 4.5 to 4.75 range on a five-point scale.

What are people saying?

“Wow, you really brought it all home. Now I know how to go out and be a better leader for my team.”

“Your down-to-earth delivery style and stories made it easy to understand how to become a great leader.”

“I wish I had heard this talk a long time ago so I could have avoided the many mistakes I made in a past job assignment.”

“I had never thought about the responsibility of being a leader in all parts of my life. Thank you. This was the best talk I have ever heard on leadership.”

Forget About Diversity

Lee has cracked the code on how to achieve the diversity all organizations desire.

  • Learn the ten things leaders must do to create an inclusive workplace that leads to a diverse workforce.
  • Learn why diversity is not the goal, but the outcome for organizations.
  • Learn the difference between being diverse and being inclusive.
  • Learn what all humans want the most. Give it to them and they will reward your organization with excellent results.

Lee has taught this seminar all over the world. His message resonates and is appreciated by all. We live in a time when your attitude and the respect you show all people will determine the effectiveness of your results.

What are people saying?

“Now I know what to do to make a real difference in creating the diverse workforce we all want.”

“Your ability to simplify concepts and issues is amazing. I now have a whole new viewpoint on my responsibility for creating an inclusive workplace.”

“Your candid and humorous presentation on a delicate subject was powerful and thought-provoking. You changed me forever.”

A few times each year I offer a small, private, in-person Mastermind meeting. Contact me for more information.

Work with me virtually

It doesn’t always work out to bring me to your organization. It could be timing, geographic spread employees or other reasons that don’t lineup. That’s ok. We can still create magic together. Here are some ways we can work together virtually.

Individualized Seminars

Any of my speeches can be deliver to your organization via Skype or other video conferencing software. Although I can’t shake hands with attendees, this format still works great and often leads to better question and answer sessions. We can even work out a discussion specific to your organization.

Cockerell Academy

The Cockerell Academy has courses devoted to leadership, management, customer service, culture. The Academy is available at a group rate. Have your team go through courses together and we can finish with a Q&A video conference.

Work with me at your own pace

I offer a wide variety of resources so you can learn to create magic at your own pace.