Don't Be Late: Your Reputation is on the Line

don't be lateOne important key in time management is realizing that being late is a choice. 

Too many of us think it’s a phenomenon. In reality, we can make the choice to be on time or we can make the choice to be late. 

When we become that person who is always five minutes late, our reputation is damaged. People start to believe they can’t trust you. You appear unprofessional and impolite to the people who are left waiting. Your lateness starts to become a joke. You are no longer seen as reliable or credible.

You’ll get into all kinds of other trouble when you’re late. You could miss flights, let people down, make bad decisions, and miss important information.

A listener named Jennifer struggles with this exact problem. She wrote to tell us that she’s heard a lot about what to do with your time, but wants to hear about how to actually get places on time.

One key is to become more aware of what’s going on. Know the trends in traffic and the events that happen over and over again. 

It may also help to get up earlier and plan out your day. You could even consider getting to appointments an hour early to read and get some work done.

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