How to Manage Your Mood

how to manage your moodOn this episode of Creating Disney Magic, I’ll answer two reader questions on  “How to Manage Your Mood”.

The first question is from John Sparks.

John asks “How did you grow to control your thoughts and reactions? How do you catch and manage your moods?”

Here are my best tips for managing, catching, and controlling moods.

-When I am feeling good I can control my behavior, thoughts, and mood much easier.
-I always preach “Don’t underestimate the influence you have on people.” This is very applicable to the world today.
-I think about it often so that it has become a part of how I control myself. Nothing good comes from having a bad attitude.
-While I have the ability to be upset, the positive feedback from being positive is a part of what keeps me focused on how I respond.
-Attitude and behavior can be controlled if I think about it.
-When a failure happens I ask, “Why and what can I do about it?” so that it doesn’t happen again.
-I can still be honest and firm without degrading people.
-If I am nice, polite, and helpful people want to be around and talk to me.
-It’s all about attitude.
-The more you practice being positive the more positive you become. Soon it becomes a habit.
-Getting over a bad day is easy when you help other people have a great experience.
-So the next time you find yourself in that spot see who you can help to have a better day and watch how your outlook changes.

The second question is from Evan Markowitz. Evan asks me to clarify what “Professionally Ballistic” means when I didn’t get the General Manager job with Marriot.

I was firm and professional when I went to talk to them about being passed over.  I was persistent but not annoying.

Evan then asked if I “Had not ended up going to Disney would I have left Marriot after that?”

Yes because I wanted to go and do something different.

Even followed up with “Had you been looking at all outside of Marriot for a different job before that?”

No, I was happy, appreciated, and valued where I was at so I wasn’t looking for something else.

People who are appreciated and valued will be the most loyal employees.