If Disney Ran Your Life

if disney ran your lifeJeff Noel joins us as a special guest on this episode of Creating Disney Magic.

Jeff is a 30 year Disney veteran. For the last 15 years of his Disney Career, Jeff taught at the Disney Institute.

Now, Jeff is a keynote speaker and helps businesses operate with a little more magic.

Jeff has his own podcast If Disney Ran Your Life. On his podcast, Jeff explains how if Disney ran your life, you would have higher standards and not settle.

Both Jeff and I give examples of what it will be like if you apply Disney principles to your own life.

If you want a great life, you can’t ignore anything. At Disney, everything matters. That is how we create magic. It is an attitude.

There is no finish line. You are never done taking care of yourself and improving your life.

Make sure you check out Jeff’s podcast and visit Jeff at his website.