What Concerns do Customers Have About Your Business?

What concerns do customers have about your businessDuring the Coronavirus Pandemic, many businesses have had to shut down temporarily. As businesses begin to reopen, we have the opportunity to do it the right way.

Don’t just open the doors and expect customers to return.

Approach reopening your business like it an entirely new product. Check everything carefully. Talk to your staff for ideas. Start calling customers and ask what concerns they have about reopening.

Customers are individuals and they may have different concerns. You may not be able to address all of them, but if you don’t find out what your customers are concerned about you will not be able to address any of them.

As you prepare to reopen our business, customers and employees know everything you need to know before you open the doors again.

Don’t reopen your business based on what you want. Open your business on what they want. Check all of your customer’s concerns and consider how you have addressed them.

If you are uncertain, go in favor of the customer. In this case, when in doubt, go in favor of safety.

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