ARE YOU READY for what is coming your way?

When my wife was sick and in the hospital for 64 days in 08 and 09 she was not doing well at all. She realized she was in a deep decline. At this point she was on a feeding tube, a wound vac and had a colostomy. One night she was lying in her bed in the hospital all alone in the dark. She suddenly heard a quiet voice to her right near the window that said, “Are You Ready?”

She looked in the direction of the voice but did not see anyone. She told me that she thought about it for awhile and decided that she was ready. When she turned and said, “Yes I am ready,” nobody responded. The time had passed and that train had left the station.

My point with this story is…..”Are YOU Ready?

Are you ready to retire? Have you run the numbers no matter how old you are. You have to get ready to be ready.

Is your health and body ready to arrive at old age in good shape. Do you exercise and take care of yourself? You have to get ready to be ready.

Are your children ready to meet life when they are older. Have you gotten them ready emotionally and educationally? You have to get them ready for them to be ready.

Are your relationships strong and trustworthy? Do people trust you? You have to go work on them to keep them strong. You have to get them ready for them to be ready.

Is your technical, management, technological and leadership competence excellent so you get that job you want someday? You have to get ready to be ready.

The simplest example is when someone asks you, “ Are you ready to go?” You often say not yet.” To be ready, you have to get ready. If you are not ready it is only your fault.

You get the point. You have to do prehab to avoid rehab in all parts of your life…..ARE YOU READY?

Merry Christmas…..Lee


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