What are the top 10 in your Organization?

I think that there are ten things that are the most important ten things in every business. Maybe there are eight or twelve, but there are just a few that really make a difference.When I go to a restaurant the most important for me are:

  1. To be greeted like you expected me.
  2. To be seated quickly.
  3. To have the server act like he or she is glad to see me.
  4. To take a drink order and get the drinks quickly (water can come later).
  5. Tell me the specials, and don’t tell me everything on the menu that I can read. I don’t want a 10-minute description of every herb and spice if I can read that for myself from the menu.
  6. If the server has a favorite, tell me what it is.
  7. Be truthful if something is not good.
  8. Serve us efficiently so we can leave in 90 to 105 minutes.
  9. Give me the check quickly when we are done, and
  10. Thank us on the way out . . .
  11. And, oh, yes, have great food!  

These are my top ones, so figure out the top ones in your business.  Tell your team what they are, and then train really hard around these top items and your results will improve dramatically.  Merchandise has their top items as does every businesses including yours.   . . . Lee

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