Focus On What You Can Control

What can you control?

You can control your own personal behaviors.  Ask for and accept feedback      . . . and then take action.

You can control how you affect and influence others.  Make sure that you have a positive, flexible attitude and that you try for win-win outcomes when possible when you deal with others.

Last, but not least, don’t spend a lot of time worrying about things you cannot control.  Some are in the past, and some just can’t be controlled by you.

Use your energy and influence to control the things that are within your power to control.

You can control the way you make people feel.
You can control the way you help people get ahead.
You can control the relationship that you have with your co-workers and loved ones.
You can control your health.
You can control your diet.
You can control your exercise schedule.
You can control your education and development in your professional and personal life.
You can control the time you spend with your direct reports and their development.
You can control the environment if you are the leader.  The environment can be healthy or not   . . . and that is pretty much up to you.

Think about what you can control and focus on that, and don’t waste your energy on things that you cannot control!   . . . Lee

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