How Does Disney Do It?

Thanks everyone for your emails to me asking how Disney maintains their world famous service even after so many layoffs. More at:

Disney is able to adjust to the difficult economic times we are in without affecting the magic because they are very careful about where the layoffs are taken. While layoffs and reorganization is always painful Walt Disney World made sure not to layoff front line Cast Members who provide the magical service their guests expect.

Walt Disney World has very detailed standards of service and they staff to those standards.

Many other companies out there actually eliminated many of their front line employees therefore affecting customer service.

Even with the layoffs, Disney was very fair to those leaving with excellent severance packages.

So all in all, if you go to Disney World, you will not see the impact of the layoffs that recently occurred. You will receive the same magical experience that you have always had.

Having standards and sticking to them is the key. Do you have clear standards of service in your organization?

Disney Cast Members are committed to excellence in good times and in difficult times.

Take care and have a good week….Lee

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